Kitino Ashi
Student Info
Career Student
Class 1-1
Club Cat
Age 16
Persona Social Butterfly
Crush None
Strength Unknown

Kitino Ashi (AKA Cat-chan) is a OC created by Jackboog21.


She looks a lot like Riko Fujimoto, but has slightly longer hair and cat ears.


Cat-chan is almost always happy and ends all her sentences with "Nya".


She tells people she was an abandoned kitten who a friendly witch took in and turned into a human.



She once thought that he was a cat toy and tried to play with him.


She hisses at Pumpkin-chan whenever she sees her.

Koibita Kobacho

Koibita scares her.

Kelly Kpopp

Kelly finds her more annoying than Yume Fujimoto.

Mougeki Mero

Mougeki is one of Kitino's friends.

Inina Luan

Inina is one of the only people who doesn't find her annoying.

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